7 people shot in Washington Park, one dead six injured Police official says

7 people shot in Washington Park

Chicago: We have some terrible news coming from Chicago. Mass shooting has happened at Chicago’s Washington Park on Tuesday night. According to reports one person has died and around six people have been found injured. Chicago police has said that shotspotter alert was triggered around 7:45 pm. They are investigating the incident and investigation is in its earlier stages. It has also been advised that a witness has confirmed that they had heard approximately more than two dozen gunshots around that time.

There were two groups of people in the park present at that particular time of shooting. According to police there was some altercation between the groups and that results in the mass shooting. According to police, seven people were stuck with gun shots and there is one casualty. There is no update on the condition of the remaining victims. Chicago Fire Department officials had reported that three of the wounded people were taken to nearby hospitals in very critical condition. Their current update remains unclear.

Police is offering a reward of $15,000 for any information regarding the shooting. People can call 833-408-0069 to provide any sort of the lead. Their names will not be revealed and they can remain anonymous.

Chicago Police department addressed the press in a news conference at the park which is just across the street from the University of Chicago Medicine emergency room. Police have not made any arrests as of now. They informed press that a 43 year old man got hit in the back of the head. Although he was taken quickly to the University of Chicago Medical center, but he was pronounced dead.

They have not revealed the identities of the victims. They have advised that a 30 year old man got wounded in the left shin, a 39 year old got shot in the right ankle, a 27 year old woman was wounded in the upper left thigh, a 19 year old got shot in the upper right shoulder and a 22 year old man got shot twice in left elbow. All five of them were taken to nearby hospitals in good condition. A 20 year old is supposed to be critical condition as he was shot multiple times in the body.

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