Android and iOS launching Matter smart home compatibility

We are getting closer. iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1 developer beats are dropped today and it is confirmed that “Matter Accessories” will be used in Apple iPhones and iPads. In addition to this, Google Home Developer Console also went live today. Google Home Developer Console helps developers add Matter devices to their smart home platform.

The matter is basically a new smart home connectivity standard that promises to unify all connected devices. It makes it easier for smart thermostats. It talked to the connected door lock. Apple also announced at WWDC this year that iOS will support Matter and now we are slowly the first implementations of the same.

There is a new options menu that will appear in the Setting > General on both iPads and iPhones which are running the beta. It lists “Matter Accessories” and when the user taps on it, then it takes the user to a list of Matter accessories that have been added to the connected service. Currently, there are no Matter-compatible accessories yet as the Matter standard has not been finalized. But it is a sure sign that developers and manufacturers would be testing prerelease software ahead of the anticipated launch of Matter this fall.

Apple, Google, Samsung, and Amazon are all involved with Matter. It has been publicly stated by all three smartphone manufacturers that their smartphone and tablet devices will be Matter controllers. It means that they can onboard Matter devices to their smart home network.
There are some screenshots that have surfaced today. It indicates Google is well on its way to adding a Matter Accessories section to its operating system. Matter devices and services had appeared in the Google account settings for some users. It prompts to connect a new Matter device and an option to automatically show a notification when Matter devices are nearby. It is an additional key feature of Matter.

Smart home devices are meant to make the user’s life easier and more convenient. But if the user installs a bunch of different internet-connected devices which would not work together would complicate it even more. That’s why Matter is important. It is a new connectivity standard whose aim is to simplify the smart home by allowing everything to seamlessly communicate.

Featured Image Credit: NextPit

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