Blake Lively Is Pregnant, Expecting Baby No. 4

Blake Lively Is Pregnant

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s family is getting bigger. Yes, the Gossip Girl star is pregnant again with her fourth baby with Reynolds. Blake, who is 35 years old already has 3 daughters with Reynolds. The Hollywood couple already are parents to three beautiful daughters: James, Inez, and Betty. James is the elder one and is seven years old. Inez is the middle one and is five years old and Betty was the youngest till now and is 2 years old.

Lively recently appeared at the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s summit on Thursday. She was wearing a sequined long-sleeved mini dress that sported her baby bump. There has not been any official announcement from the couple yet.

Ryan Reynolds who is 45 years old, was wanting to take a break from up acting to spend more time with their children. The Dead Pool star advised back in December that it was the major factor in his decision to take a break up from acting. He advised that he does not want to miss this time with his kids. He also said that he wants to live a simple life of a normal human being and also wants his kids to have a normal schedule.

In the past, both parents had to swap their parent’s duties for their respective films. When Blake would be shooting a film, then Reynolds will not shoot and will be taking care of the kids and when Reynolds would shoot a film, then Blake will not shoot and will be with the kids. So both of them really never at the same time. So he felt that he was not able to devote time to the family.

He also explained that this lifestyle had got challenging as their kids are getting older. Now since the kids are in school, they somewhat have a normal schedule which is very important for their development. Reynolds advised that he loves taking the children to school in the morning. He loves picking them up. With the arrival of a new baby, things are going to get busier for couples. God Bless them.

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