Brands end partnership with Chinese actor Li Yifeng after detention over prostitution

Brands end partnership with Chinese actor Li Yifeng

We have very disturbing news coming from China entertainment industry. Li Yifeng also known as Evan Li has been arrested by police on suspicion of soliciting prostitutes. It has to note that police have still not declared the name of the person arrested but from the digitals captured on the CCTV camera, it was very clear that Li was arrested.

He rose to fame after his participation in the 2007 My Hero contest. Li Yifeng is known for his roles in The Pioneer, Mr. Six, and The Founding of an Army. According to the updates from sources, it has been advised that he has also confessed to the crimes. Beijing Police had made an official announcement on September 11, that Li has confessed to visiting prostitutes multiple times and now has been placed under administrative detention.

According to Chinese law, soliciting prostitution is apparently illegal in the country and most would lead to administrative detention of between 10 days to 15 days. This can also be reduced to five days or less if the offender is a minor.

With this controversy, multiple high-end international and local brands like Prada, Sensodyne, Panerai, Remy Martin, and Luk Fook Jewelry along with almost a dozen brands have severed all contractual ties with Evan Li. Also as the report by the China Daily, it has been advised that the organizing committee of the Huading Awards had rescinded the actor titles of “The National Audience Favorite Move Star” and “Best Actor in China’s Top 100 TV Dramas”.

Since 2021, China had taken a tough stance on matters similar to this. There has been a major crackdown on celebrities for their alleged misbehavior. In October last year, another celebrity Li Yundi was also arrested for visiting sex workers. He has not made any appearances in public posts same. Prostitution is actually prohibited in Mainland China, but it thrives in other major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. More than 10 million women are engaged in this profession in these cities.

There has been a string of scandals coming out from China since 2021. Hope this will be the last case for a while.

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