Cardi B Takes Plea Deal in 2018 Strip Club Brawl

Cardi B Takes Plea Deal

As per recent updates, Cardi B has indeed taken a plea deal in her 2018 strip club brawl case. She has decided to plead guilty to charges of third-degree assault and reckless endangerment. By doing this, Cardi will be able to avoid jail time. She has been instead given a sentence of 15 days of community service. Cardi B showed up in court on Thursday just a day before jury selection was to begin. If she had not accepted the plea deal, the trial would have begun on September 19. As she pleaded guilty to the two charges, the other charges have been dropped on account of the deal.

Cardi was being accused of asking her crew members to attack Jade and Baddie Gi, who were the two strip club bartenders. The incident actually happened in 2018 and was kind of a backlash that stemmed from the claim that Jade had slept with Offset. Based on the conditions of the deal, Cardi B has to stay between the two women for the next three years. She had turned herself into the New York Police a few months after the incident. She was charged in connection with the case. It is to be noted that she had rejected the plea deal back in 2019.

Cardi B released a statement post her plea deal. She said that part of one’s growing up and maturing is to be accountable for their actions. She also conveyed that as a mother she is trying to instill this practice in her children but she should first show the way. She accepted that she had made some bad decisions in the past and is not scared to face and own up to those decisions.

She stressed that these decisions are not reflective of the kind of human being that she is now and she’s looking to move forward past this situation with her family and friends. She wants to get back to music which is what she loves the most. It is good that both she and the victims had a final closure as the case was pending since 2018.

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