Deadly magnitude 7.6 earthquake shakes Mexico

7.6 magnitude earthquake in Mexico

It has been reported that an earthquake stuck on the western coast of Mexico on Monday afternoon. As per the Richter scale, it had a magnitude of 7.6. Andre’s Manuel Lopez Obrador, the President of Mexico, announced Monday afternoon that there had been a death due to the same. A person has died from a fence falling in a shopping center in Manzanillo, Colima. The US geological survey also said that it initially registered a strong earthquake about 25 miles southeast of La Placita de Morelos. It had hit just after 1 pm Central time.

The earthquake is reported to be felt as far inland as Mexico City. Officials have advised people not to worry and confirmed that a tsunami is not expected in any regions of California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, or Hawaii. As per scientists, Alaska experiences earthquakes every 10 minutes. However, there are reports that tsunami waves up to 10 feet above the tide level are possible along some coasts of Mexico. Also, there are chances of minor tidal shifts up to a foot along the Pacific Ocean shores. Some patients at an Apatzinga’n dental office, just over 100 miles from the earthquake’s epicenter, had watched the room shake violently in horror due to the earthquake.

Also, note Mexico City planned an earthquake drill on Monday afternoon to mark the anniversary of the previous two deadly earthquakes. In 1985, an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.0 killed at least 9,500 people. In 2017, an earthquake of 7.1 killed more than 260 people. Surprisingly, earthquakes strike on the same calendar date in different years. Some people believe that it is a curse that earthquakes are hitting on the same day in other years.

The quake originated from Tropical Storm Madeline in the eastern Pacific. There has been a forecast of heavy rains from the tropical storm’s outer rain bands. There were some reports of damage to some buildings from the quake. The quake was centered 37 kilometers southeast of Aquila.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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