How to download Instagram Reels in easy steps?

Download Instagram Reels

There are many options to download Instagram reels. Firstly install the video downloader for Instagram on the Android device from the google play store. After that user have to start the video downloader for the Instagram app and tap the Instagram icon in the Top Apps section. After the Instagram app is launched, user has to find the reel which they want to save and then tap the download icon at the bottom right.

If the user has posted something to Instagram Reels some time back and want to use that same footage for other apps, then they can download that reel. User have to open the Instagram and then have to go to account section and have to navigate the reels tab. After that user need to find the reel that they want to save and then tap on it to open the video up in full screen mode. User then needs to hit the three dots in the bottom right corner to pull up the menu. Post that user needs to hit “Save to Camera Roll” option. The video will be automatically saved to user device.

Download Instagram Reels in iPhone

If user is using iPhone and is scrolling their IG feed and want to save a particular reel, then they need to record their screen.

To start recording the screen, user needs to go to settings and then navigate to the control center and add screen recording to include controls. It will make the feature accessible from the control screen. Post same, user needs to launch the Instagram app and find the video that they want to record and then let it play. After that use can swipe down from the top of their screen to access the control center and then needs to hit the record button and can then capture the desired reel.

iPhone screen record do record audio as well. Once the user has finished recording, then the high quality video will be automatically saved to their camera roll. From there, user will be able to trim the video to the length that they need. So this is how we can download Instagram reels.

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