EA Dice is bringing Battlefield 2042 to Xbox Game Pass in Season 3

EA Dice is bringing Battlefield 2042 to Xbox Game Pass

As per recent reports, Battlefield 2042 is coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the multiplayer game’s third season. EA Dice announced this in their new blog post. If some of you don’t have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription and still want to try the game for free, then we have some good news. EA Dice has some good news for such users as they offer a limited free trial on Xbox, Steam, and Playstation.

The release date for the new season has not been announced yet. With the game launch, season 3 would also introduce a new specialist and substantial reworks for the Breakaway and Manifest maps as the development team wants to improvise every map.

As with every new season, some classic Battlefield weapons would also come out of the vault in waves throughout season 3. First of the many is Bad Company 2’s XM8 and Battlefield 3’s A-91, and more weapons are set to follow in batches as the season goes on. EA Dice has also said that production is working on significant new updates for season 4 and beyond. Battlefield 2042 might be launching in a rough state, but the team has advised that they plan to support it for a while.

The game will arrive on the subscription platforms just over a year after its November 2021 launch. The publisher hopes that a curious new audience on Game Pass would boost the struggling game. Battlefield 2042 launched with performance issues and absent content. It had failed to click with players to such an extent that EA’s chief executive Andrew Wilson had told investors that DICE would rethink the Battlefield in the future.

DICE is committed to supporting 2042 in the medium to long term. EA had mentioned that they had started pre-production for all new content which will come after Season 4 next year. The longer commitment to 2042 perhaps would buy the developer time to complete the rethink of the series. Let’s hope the responsibility brings them the desired results.

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