The Original Karate Kid Movie Franchise Is Coming Back

Kid Movie Franchise Is Coming Back

It has been reported that “The Karate Kid” franchise will be coming back to theatres. Sony pictures had sent out a press release giving details about some new additions and changes to its release schedule. They announced, that “Karate Kid“ was to be released on June 7, 2024. They also proclaimed that it is the return of the original Karate Kid franchise. It has been almost 40 days since the first movie was released. It will be the first Karate Kid movie since the 2010 reboot which starred Jaden Smith as the 12-year-old Dre Parker. Jackie Chan played the role of its martial arts mentor, Mr. Han. The movie had got decent success both at the critic’s end and at the box office. But the sequel to the reboot was never made.

But now Sony had made a surprise announcement about the return of the original Karate Kid franchise. The first movie was made in 1984 and started with Ralph Macchio as the protagonist, the late Pat Morita played the role of his mentor Mr. Miyagi. William Zabka played the role of his main rival Johnny Lawrence. There is no information shared about the movie’s cast and crew. It seems a mystery now how Sony will tie into the original franchise. It is to be noted that Macchio and LaRusso have also starred in the TV series spinoff, Cobra Kai.

The show ran for five successful seasons. We are expecting a Cobra Kai season 6 announcement. Netflix series also stars the original franchise’ characters and actors. So there is a high probability that we will see the same faces return for the upcoming movie. But until and unless we get confirmation from either Sony or Netflix, these are all speculation.

The original movie released in 1984 was a massive success, The Karate Kid and it had three sequels including The Next Karate Kid starring Hilary Swank. Sony has pushed the release date for Kraven the Hunter was set for January 13, 2023, to October 6, 2023.

Fans are excited about the return of the original franchise. We hope the movie gets the same success as the original movie.

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