Magnitude 4.4 earthquake shakes California’s Wine Country

Earthquake shakes California’s Wine Country

On October 17, 2017, a magnitude 4.4 earthquake shook California’s Wine Country. The quake was centered near Napa and was felt in parts of Northern California. It caused some damage to buildings and cracked roads, but no fatalities or major injuries were reported. It also caused some damage to the historic landmark, the Silverado Trail.

The earthquake is a reminder that earthquakes are a natural occurrence that happens without warning. In order to minimize the risk of injury and damage, it is important to prepare for earthquakes by having an emergency kit ready to go in your home.

The Rodgers Creek Fault, a piece of the San Andreas system, is where the earthquake struck. The last significant earthquake there occurred in the 18th century, according to Lucy Jones, a seismologist from California and the author of “The Big Ones”. Its long-term slide rate is a little less than 1 centimeter per year, placing it in the same league as Hayward, Garlock, or San Jacinto.

Fire alarms, gas leaks, blocked elevators, and allegations of gas odors and leakage were among the emergencies the Santa Rosa Fire Department said it had attended. According to the Santa Rosa Police Department, no serious injuries or damage have been reported.

The majority of Santa Rosa and the neighboring areas, as well as the Santa Rosa Police Department, recently felt an earthquake. As of now, there have been no reports of significant earthquake-related injuries or property damage.

According to a statement from the SRPD, the police department is fully operating. According to Robert-Michael de Groot with USGS there is a slight possibility that Tuesday night’s earthquake will be followed by one that is stronger. “Over the following few days, there is a 5% possibility that there will be an earthquake, possibly followed by a bigger quake. It still needs to be seen,” he remarked.

Viewers of KRON4 have reported feeling the earthquake to varying degrees all around the area. One person uploaded a video of their garage shaking during the earthquake (see below). A quarter-mile from the epicenter, according to the viewer.

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