Netflix Trending Movies And Shows On September 19, 2022

Netflix Trending on 19th September 2022

We have an action-packed weekend on Netflix. There are multiple shows and movies lined up on September 18 for the audience. One of the movies is Do Revenge. It is based on a killer 90’s soundtrack with the two stars at their absolute best. It is a Hitchcockian dark comedy that sees two teenagers teaming up together to get revenge against all those who had done them wrong. The star cast includes Sophie Turner, Maya Hawke, and Cassady McClincy. It is directed by Jennifer Kaylin Robinson.

An animated movie titled “Drifting Home“ is also lined up for the weekend. Over the past few years, Netflix has released some fantabulous superb anime movies. “A Whisker Away” and “Bubble” are on the top of this list but this week they have released their biggest and best entry to date in the form of Drifting Home. It is a 2-hour-long movie that shows two sixth graders revisiting their old apartment building where had grown up together. They find themselves trapped with nothing but an endless sea around them. The story has been widely praised so far and had positive reviews.

Another big movie which will be shown on Netflix on the weekend is “Father Stu”. The movie had mixed reviews from critics when it was released earlier this year in theatres. The audience can check out this movie as well during the weekend. It is based on a true story of a beaten-up boxer changing his career to become a priest. The main star cast includes Mel Gibson, Mark Whalberg, and Jackie Weaver.

If you are a fan of Jason Bateman, then you can check out his movie Bad Words also. This was released in 2013. People can also check out Colette during the weekend. It was released in 2019. The main star cast includes Keira Knightley, Fiona Shaw, and Dominic West. It is a period drama film. So people who love to watch period dramas can definitely check this out. This movie has been certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and has an 87% critic rating.

So overall there is a good collection of shows and movies that people can watch on Netflix during the weekend.

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