No map approval is required for building on a plot less than 1,076 sq ft in Lucknow

No map approval is required for the building in Lucknow

As per recent updates, please note now there is no need for map approval in urban areas for building, expanding, or repairing a house on the plot in Lucknow. The only criterion is that plot should not be more than 1076 sq ft(100 sqm). This was declared in a circular released by Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) on Saturday. This circular has come in wake of the large number of queries being received by the Lucknow Development Authority regarding the approval of the maps.

It stated that no approval is needed in urban areas for construction, expansion, and renovation of residential buildings which are on or up to 1076 sq feet (100 sq m) plot or the build-up area. The only thing to take care of is that there should be setbacks as per the master plan and the building bye-laws.

Setbacks refer to the minimum open space required around any building or structure.

Also, the building should not exceed three stories.

If the width of the existing road is less than 4M, then the front of the plot should be 2m away from the middle line of the road and after that, the front setback will also be 1.2 m away.

In case of renovation, the house owner should ensure that windows and doors do not open on the other property.

Also, the owner should construct sun shade up to 0.75 m on their land.

Earlier it was necessary to take approval from the Development Authority while doing any construction or renovation. The owner would need to submit a building map to the development authority. Post that they would send an executive to validate the map submitted to them. After that, they used to give a go-ahead for the construction.

LDA circular had made things very clear to the people. They don’t need to get into the procedure of the approval of the maps. But they have to pay attention to the conditions under which the circular is passed. This circular has been passed with certain conditions and owners/contractors need to follow that to avoid any sort of issue in the future like demolishing or the re-work of the house.

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