Plex offers 20% off lifetime subscription during the Pro Week promo

Plex has kicked off its second annual Plex Pro Week promotion. Plex is a free streaming platform. They are offering a 20% discount on their Lifetime Plex Pass subscription. They offer their basic app for free. They have three paid tier options for Plex Pass. Lifetime Plex Pass costs about $120. With a 20% discount, it will be $96 this week. Users can also pay $40 per year or $5 per month.

Plex Pro week will start from Monday and will run through September 23. It is meant to help and educate users on how to maximize their own media library for a better home entertainment experience using the platform.

It will offer in-depth sessions from famous YouTube influencers Linus Tech Tips, Kevin the Tech Ninja, and Joshua Vergara. It will offer sessions from company experts such as Plex co-founder Elan Feingold. One of their aims is to simplify the existing streaming struggle for users. It wants to serve as a one-stop window for services. It wants to make it easier to find, discover, keep tabs on, and watch content across various platforms. They also offer free access to over 50,000 titles, movies, and TV shows on demand. They also provide access to hundreds of free stream live TV channels, which is very good.

The company upgraded its platform in April. Now with one navigation window, it would let users search for where to watch content across all of their paid and free streaming services. It is also providing an option named Plex Universal Watch list. Users can track their favorite movies and shows across different platforms, including when content moves to other services. They had done some research at their end also, which highlighted the challenge of deciding what and how to watch content playlists in a growing area of options. According to the survey, an average US consumer has around 13 TV shows and 16 movies on their streaming watch list. It is long enough, and about 68% said it is nearly impossible to get through their current watch list.

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