How Russians will be able to buy iPhone 14 amid the ban

Russians will be able to buy iPhone 14

Russians will be able to buy the new Apple iPhone 14 despite the ban on them. US Tech Company has already left Russia due to its war against Ukraine. But Russia will be able to buy the iPhone through Moscow’s parallel import scheme. This was confirmed by a senior Russian government official. They announced a scheme in March by which they have authorized their retailer to do the importing of products from abroad without the permission of the trademark owner. This scheme is named Resolution No.506

Trade and Industry minister Denis Manturov has confirmed that if their citizens want to buy Apple products, then they can be bought through this scheme. Apple halted all its sales of the new products in Russia in the month of March. This happened a week after Russia invaded Ukraine. Apple’s leftover stocks of iPhone and MacBook are still being sold in Russia as retailers are selling out the stocks of the old models and are trying to get hold of newly released versions through the new import scheme.

MTS is the mobile network in Russia. They were selling the new iPhone 14 models on pre-order on a Thursday morning. Prices were starting from 84,990 roubles which is $1398 for the 128 GB version. They have advised delivery timeline would be 120 days and they would retain the right to cancel orders if they would face any difficulties in importing the goods later. They would refund the amount to the consumer in this case.

Apple has still not responded to this development.

It is to be noted that imported smartphones and any other electronic goods which are originally intended for sale in other countries would come with price tags in Russia up to 20% higher than before the invasion. Russia believes that Apple cannot control the selling of its products in their country.

Manturov is also the deputy prime minister of Russia. He advised that this scheme which covers Western products ranging from luxury clothes to cars can reach up to $16 billion value this year which is equivalent to 4% of Russia’s 2021 imports.

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