How satellite emergency SOS feature will work in iPhone 14

Satellite emergency SOS feature in iPhone 14

When Apple introduced the new iPhone 14 lineup this year, they focused to include a whole host of new and innovative safety features. The company hopes that its users never have to use those safety features. The main safety-minded additions are Emergency SOS via satellite. It is a very critical iPhone feature. Through this, users are able to connect to emergency services to send texts for help even if they are not near any cellular tower.

The user would not need anything more than the iPhone 14 to stay connected. It is a huge contrast from our thought process of staying connected through satellite phones with very prominent antennas. Apple had gone far ahead of all these and has added software features in the phone that are designed to help the user get the connection even when the user is in a remote area.

It is the first time satellite connectivity will be available on the smartphone which will enable users to connect to the emergency personnel even when there is no Wi-Fi or cellular tower around. Apple has partnered with satellite connectivity operator Globalstar. They will enable iPhone users to send an SOS message to emergency personnel in a matter of a few seconds. It is indeed an impressive addition to the iPhone lineup. But it is very important for the user to know what they can and what they cannot do with Emergency SOS.

This feature would work in a similar way to the current Emergency SOS. iPhone users would need to activate Emergency Text via satellite on their Apple iPhone 14 by pressing and holding the side button and one of the volume buttons on their device until the option appears.

Currently, the emergency SOS feature directly calls emergency services for help using the cellular service network, but this updated version will work silently even if the cellular network is not available. Instead of the phone call, users would send short text messages as the limited satellite connectivity cannot allow data voice or regular text messages.

It is indeed a good feature to have on the phone.

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