Thor: Love and Thunder movie cast

Marvel fans were anxiously waiting for the latest movie of Thor. Thor: Love and Thunder had a fabulous opening. The movie is produced by Marvel Studios and was distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

It is the sequel to the movie “Thor- Ragnarok” which was released in 2017. The sequel got released on July 8th in the United States. It is directed by Taika Waititi. He also co-wrote the movie script with Jennifer Kaytin.

Chris Hemsworth is back reprising his lead role as Thor. Natalie Portman is playing his love interest. Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Russell Crowe and Jamie Alexander are also joining the cast. In this movie Thor is attempting to find his inner peace but he is forced back to return to fight and stop Gorr the God Butcher whose aim is to eliminate all gods.

Christian Bale is playing the role of the Gorr the God Butcher. Russell Crow is the playing the role of Zeus. Zeus is known as the king of the Olympians as per the Greek mythology. Crowe wanted to portray the role with Greek accent, but director thought it not sound nice. So he asked Crowe to do his takes in both British and the Greek accent. But Waititi was finally convinced that Crowe was correct and ultimately decided to use the Greek accent in the final editing.

Natalie Portman is returning to the role of Jane Faster. She also playing the role of Mighty Thor. She has been detected with stage IV terminal cancer. She is able to gain the power of Mighty Thor by wielding Mjolnir. Natalie was not casted in Thor Ragnarok which was released in 2017 and eventually agreed to return to Thor: Love and Thunder after a meeting with Waititi.

Waititi desperately wanted Natalie back for the sequel as he felt that Foster returning to Thor’s life after eight long years would be a massive adjustment for Thor as she already had another without Thor’s presence and it would be interesting when Thor sees Jane back as the Mighty Thor after 8 long years.

Movie has been very successful and has already collected $759 million.

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