Vanna White Once Got Herself Stuck To A Prop On Wheel Of Fortune

Vanna White Once Got Herself Stuck

Wheel of Fortune debuted in 1975. It has been a popular program for a long time for those people who love game shows. In the past recent years, it has become much more than a phenomenon. Its rating has always been on the rise. Many have hailed it as the perfect balm for a totally exhausted nation that is caught between before and after.

It is a show which does not challenge or upset anyone but it is still amusing and forgettable enough to be easily watched by an audience that is dealing with so many things. The show has already been running for four decades and has experienced its own share of unscheduled bloopers, fails, and mistakes which is indeed inevitable. The show is filmed with a television audience but it is not aired live. Its long-time hosts are Pat Sajak and Vanna White. White had recently revealed some of her favorite moments on the show and in one such incident, she got stuck to a prop.

She discussed this moment while answering a question during an interview with “Good Morning America” earlier this month. She said that the incident happened during Christmas and they had presented at both ends and one of the presents got stuck on her gown and she was going back and forth. This incident happened in 2015. Sajak was completely amused by what had transpired. The clip on the youtube website will show that White was walking across the stage with a red-wrapped Christmas present getting stuck to her gown.

White didn’t realize the same and didn’t even feel it. Also, the players did not notice also as they were also focused on the board and everybody in the audience was laughing. Sajak said it was really adorable. It was like White was going for a walk with her dog.

In the new season, the show would feature a new puzzle board that is powered by NASA technology which is used by rovers to explore the surface of Mars and in self-driving cards. Earlier White always had to manually turn letters or touch the edges of a monitor, now she only has to gesture at the LED screen for the motion-activated letters to appear. This would be the first time that the board has been updated in more than 20 years.

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