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Now publish articles on our website and earn when your written articles get views. Here no investment is required, like no need to build a website, no hosting required, and no need to get your AdSense approved. Start it right away by just creating your free account and start publishing articles. We prefer News articles, but you can also publish evergreen articles. It is also recommended to share your published articles on your social media handles so that they will get more views and your articles start getting hits.

Terms & Conditions –

  • The article should have a minimum of 450 words.
  • Your article should be a minimum of 90% plagiarism free. No matter if you use any AI tool for publishing.
  • Your information should be accurate; otherwise, we have the right to remove your article.
  • Using any spamming tool to increase article views will lead to a permanent account block and no wallet withdrawals.
  • Not allowed to add any website link in the post; otherwise, the complete article will be removed, and repeating the same will permanently lead to an account block.
  • No adult, CBD, or pornographic content is allowed.
  • If your article topic is not per Google Adsense policies, that will also be removed.

Revenue scheme – (As per Adsense)

1000 article views = 1$ (USD)

2000 article views = 2$ (USD)

5000 article views = 6$ (USD)

25000 article views = 25$ (USD)

100000 article views = 100$ (USD)

200000 article views = 200$ (USD)

500000 article views = 500$ (USD)

Adding multiple articles will add views, and suppose you have 5 articles published, each with 200+ views. Then your total views cross the 1000 view threshold, and 1$ will be added to your wallet.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 25$. And once a month. 2nd day of each, and if Sunday, then on 3rd date.

We provide Paypal withdrawal for out-of-India users and UPI method for Indian users. Also, for Indian withdrawals, the USD amount will be converted into INR on that withdrawal day rate.

For support – pub.hrweb@gmail.com

Get reply within 2 to 24 hours.